Courtney B.

Okay, I’ll Admit…

I’ll keep it sweet and simple, for your sake and mine. Dating sucks! Yes, it can be fun and you’ll have funny memories to laugh with your friends about AFTER THE FACT! Being a person that is extremely particular about a lot of things, it takes a lot for me to actually be interested and […]


City and state, please

As I write my post this week the question that comes to mind is “Where am I?” Well at this very moment I am sitting smack dead (a little country slang for ya) in the middle of my two-piece sectional, somewhat crisscrossed except the bottom of my feet are flat against each other. To break […]


Think Light & Take Flight

If I could be a type of painting, I would be a simple line painting. I imagine I would have a combination of a few colors staging my background, there being one bold color to make my focal point pop. Line paintings for me evoke a command to be still, to observe, and to feel. […]