I am an entrepreneur with a background in science and agriculture. I have a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science/Pre-veterinary Medicine and a Masters of Science in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology. I am also a trained Doula, Natural Hair Care Specialist and Education Services Specialist. I have four children. My oldest child is in graduate school and my youngest is currently schooled by yours truly as he has not yet entered traditional education. I am a DIYer at heart and I like to know what i'm doing, hence my repertoire. If I CAN do it, I WILL do it...WELL. If I can't yet do it, I will learn. I am operating this blog as a way to feed this Do-It-Myself Love and Heal my whole self.


Since the ladies of Thump in Thought have been experimenting with different hair care products, We decided to list some black-owned hair care suppliers. You may notice a few of them have already been reviewed and some will be reviewed in the future. Design Essentials Pattern Beauty Taliah Waajid Mielle Organics 26 King Wavy… for […]



Three more black owned businesses to show support… I tried Calabash Tea for the first time two weeks ago and I was not disappointed. I am a self proclaimed herbal tea connoisseur and Simply Irresistible, Fat Black Pussy Cat, and All Night Long were definitely my cup of tea, I personally use and love the […]



Melanated Empath Candle Co. and Emporium *Featured in the Thump in Thought giveaway boxes WHYNOTus  Some members (IG handles): @whyhnotduce @whynothauch @whynotneen @whynotflee @whynotgotti WHYNOTus is a group of young innovators from Virginia. Their mission is to help their brand grow and to push the mentality of people to ask WHY can’t they be the next (superstar/doctor/model/artist/professional […]


M.Y.M.M. (Mind Your Money Monday)

Thump In Thought is dedicated and determined to promote and support businesses owned by people of color. As a business owner and a woman of color, I want to be an example and mentor for other entrepreneurs. We’re in this thing called “life” together and together we are GREATER. Let’s put cooperative economics into daily […]